This month the book Moodle 2.0 for Business will be published by Packt Publishing. The book helps organisations implement Moodle in their business to streamline the interview, training, and internal communication processes. The book has been co-authored by Jason Cole, Jeanne R. Cole and Gavin Henrick.

The chapters of the book cover different business scenarios:

Chapter 1, Getting Started With Moodle introduces you to the background of Moodle. It covers the benefits of using open-source software in business, and how to take your first steps in experimenting with Moodle.

Chapter 2, Moodle in Hiring and Interviewing discusses how to use Moodle to facilitate the hiring and interviewing process. The chapter demonstrates how to use Moodle to accept resumes and job applications, and how to create interviewer resources to support the hiring process.

Chapter 3, Rollout Products and Services with Moodle shows you how to set up a course to cater for product knowledge training. Learn how to set up a glossary and to organize a realtime roleplay using Moodle Chat.

Chapter 4, Moodle for Managing Compliance Training discusses how to deliver compliance training with Moodle. This chapter looks at the Moodle Lesson and how to configure completion tracking for full course completion reporting.

Chapter 5, CPD and Competency Tracking with Moodle explains about competencies and how they are used in Moodle. The chapter will shed light on how to use competencies in assessments and how to view them in the gradebook.

Chapter 6, Communities of Practice in Moodle takes a look at building communities with Moodle. You will learn how to set up a wiki, glossary, and database for collaborative projects. You will also learn about how to use roles for specific tasks.

Chapter 7, Web Conferencing with Moodle examines some of the main web conferencing software in use with Moodle and what features and options are available. The chapter covers how to set up and configure two systems with Moodle, BigBlueButton, and Adobe Connect Pro.

Chapter 8, Integrating Moodle with Other Systems introduces a range of systems which can integrate with Moodle including Alfresco, a document management system, Mahara an e-portfolio platform, and GoogleDocs.

Chapter 9, Integrating Moodle into the Enterprise identifies the authentication options in Moodle. It introduces how enrolment works and how to do basic customizations to the look and feel of your Moodle site.

For more information on Moodle 2.0 for Business Book check out the Packt Publishing site.

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