Jason Cole, Ph.D, is the Chief Executive Officer for Remote-Learner, US, an official Moodle partner providing hosting, support and instructional design services. Jason oversees Remote-Learner‘s daily operations, providing technical services to over 1,100 clients, from small nonprofit organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

Jason started using Moodle at San Francisco State University in 2003 when he led the transition from Blackboard to Moodle. Later, he led the implementation of Moodle at the Open University in the UK, currently one of the top three largest Moodle deployments in the world. Over the ensuing 2 years he successfully architected a system that currently supports over 225,000 student users with multiple enrollments.

Jason is the co-author of Using Moodle (c2006 & 2007) published by O’Reilly Community Press, and has been the organizer of several successful Moodle Conferences in the US and UK.

Jeanne Cole is a Senior Project Manager for Remote-Learner US . She is an experienced Moodle course developer and project manager who has migrated hundreds of courses from other learning management systems to Moodle, as well as created courses from client materials.

She also has experience managing projects applying multiple open source products to meet a wide variety of client needs. Prior to her Moodle career, Jeanne worked as a project engineer/manager for contractors in the US and UK.

Gavin Henrick has worked with technology in business, learning and development for over 10 years. He has been consulting on using Moodle, Mahara, DSpace and other open-source applications for the last 4 years. He has run several websites and runs his own blog ( He is a regular speaker at a number of Moodlemoots and conferences on the use of Moodle in the corporate space focusing on practical examples of usage.

Gavin recently started his owned consulting practice in Ireland.